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In 2019, NWGHA received a designation as an EnVision Center. A grand opening celebration for NWGHA's EnVision Center was held on November 4, 2019. The EnVision Center Demonstration was created under the leadership of Secretary of HUD, Dr. Ben Carson. It is designed to offer HUD-assisted families access to community and support services that support a family's effort to become self-sufficient. According to HUD, "EnVision Centers provide communities with centralized hubs for support in the following four pillars: Character and Leadership, Educational Advancement, Health and Wellness, and Economic Empowerment." NWGHA is working closely with its residents and partners to identify the needs of the community and potential services that fall under the four pillars. 

Current EnVision Center partners include:

Boys & Girls Clubs of NWGA

100 Black Men of Rome

Tallatoona Community Action Partnership, Inc.

Rome City Schools

Appalachian Housing Counseling Agency

Montessori School of Rome



NWGHA's Resident Services department consists of several programs that serve the residents of NWGHA. Service Coordinators are assigned to each NWGHA property. Funding for the services comes from various grants and HUD sources. Services are designed to help residents in their efforts to become self-sufficient, to maintain their well-being, to maintain independent living, and to improve their overall quality of life. Service Coordinators work closely with area agencies and NWGHA partners to meet the needs of residents. Some of the referrals or types of services available to residents are transportation, Meals on Wheels, education/computer classes, GED classes, childcare services, wellness programs, homemaker services, medical and/or mental health services, and case management. Some of the programs offered through Resident Services are Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program, NWGHA Adult Education (GED) Program, Resident Retention, ROSS Family & Elderly Services, ROSS Family Childcare Assistance Program, Project SOAR, and Life Skills. We provide these programs at no cost to the residents.


Job readiness training Program 

(Life Skills)


FSS Program

Community Garden


Project SOAR is a Northwest Georgia Housing Authority (NWGHA) program which is funded through a HUD grant. Project SOAR is a program reflecting HUD’s commitment to expand educational opportunities for youth living in HUD-assisted housing. Research shows there are large gaps in college attendance by family income that are not driven by level of preparation. A key barrier to college attendance is that low income youth are least likely to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) even though they are most in need of financial aid.



NWGHA is committed to providing our residents with decent, safe, and drug free communities. The goal of NWGHA's Security team is to eliminate the occurrence of crime in and around NWGHA's communities. We strive to provide our residents with a decent, safe, and drug free community. NWGHA Security & Investigations maintains a staff that includes one Security Director and several City of Rome police officers. Security personnel provide security services, perform investigations, identify safety issues, and, most importantly, develop positive relationships with the residents we serve. The goal of eliminating crime in and around our public housing communities is accomplished through proactive patrol activities, active investigations, resident counseling sessions, aggressive applicant screening measures, and a positive collaboration with the Resident Advisory Board/Resident Council, along with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. NWGHA Security personnel are on duty 7-days a week to patrol all public housing communities in an attempt to discourage criminal activity, loitering, or disruptive behavior. The Security & Investigations Director screens all Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher program applicant's criminal histories to ensure compliance with NWGHA's policies.

Police Officers and NWGHA staff have the right to ban individuals from NWGHA properties. Individuals may be banned for the following offenses (not intended to be a full list of ban-able offenses): creating a disturbance, loitering in a public housing community, failing to comply with NWGHA's Code of Conduct, trespassing, participating in a drug related activity, possessing drugs or drug paraphernalia, threatening the health, safety, and welfare of residents or employees, trafficking drugs, manufacturing methamphetamine, committing crimes of violence, sexually assaulting a child or adult, and/or committing murder. A list of all adult persons banned from NWGHA properties will appear in the NWGHA monthly newsletter and will be distributed to all residents. Residents are responsible for ensuring banned persons are not in their apartment. 

Monthly security meetings are held at the Highrise Apartments. Security personnel attend new resident orientations and are available to speak at resident functions to discuss crime prevention and safety topics. 


Appalachian Housing Counseling Agency (AHCA) offers pre-purchase/credit counseling, post-purchase counseling, home buyer education, mortgage default & foreclosure prevention, budgeting/money management counseling, rental/affordable housing counseling, and Fair Housing workshops. These services are available to NWGHA residents and the public.


AHCA offers Home Buyer Education Workshops throughout the year. Partnering with The Department of Community Affairs (DCA), NWGHA, and Rome Board of Realtors, AHCA hopes to increase the likelihood that potential home buyers will make knowledgeable decisions in their journey towards home ownership. The workshop provides the required counseling for the Georgia Dream Program. Individuals can work closely with the AHCA counselor to repair their credit or to become mortgage ready. First time homebuyers who haven't owned a home within the past 3 years can learn more about the Downpayment Assistance Program from the AHCA counselor. Qualifying households may receive up to $10,000 towards the purchase of a home. 

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