Contact Information

Front Desk/General Information                                                              706-378-3949

Sandra D. Hudson, Executive Director                                                    706-378-3940            

Hannah Phillips, Executive Assistant                                                        706-368-5726            

Melvin Scott, Director of Housing                                                            706-252-4636           

Marissa McKoy, Human Resources Coordinator                                     706-378-3941           

Adult Education (GED) Program                                                              706-368-5738

Ashland Park                                                                                               706-290-1040

Reine Martinez, Tax Credit Property Manager                                        706-291-3028             

Sabrina Dennis, Willingham Village RAD Property Manager                706-291-3027             

Admissions, Public Housing                                                                     706-368-8931

Housing Choice Voucher/Section 8 office                                              706-235-0247

Molly Majestic, Media & Special Projects Coordinator                         706-232-8639             

Rhonda Houser, Public Housing FSS Coordinator                                 706-368-8931             

LaShawn Hall, Housing Choice Voucher FSS Coordinator                    706-291-3030             

Hattie Lawrence, ROSS Coordinator (All developments)                      706-232-8633             

Elaina Beeman, Project SOAR Coordinator                                            706-291-3031            

Appalachian Housing Counseling Agency                                             706-378-9917             

Barry McElroy, Security & Investigations Coordinator                           706-506-2999             

TDD Line                                                                                                    706-291-4097 ext. 1140

Housing Discrimination Hotline                                                               1-800-669-9777

NWGHA Reporting Hotline**                                                                   706-378-3942


**This is a non-emergency, unmonitored line for reporting criminal activity, drug activity, disturbances, and issues with NWGHA employees not following its Customer's First Pledge. Do not use for calling in emergencies or work orders.

Job Openings


Status: Full-time


Status: Full-time


Status: Full-time


Status: Full-time


Status: Full-time


Status: Full-time


Status: Full-time

Section 3 Job Openings

The purpose of Section 3 of the HUD Act of 1968, ensures that employment and other economic opportunities be directed, to the greatest extent possible, to low and very-low income individuals. Section 3 requirements apply to all contractors and subcontractors working on projects funded by public housing assistance. NWGHA residents who are interested in being certified and made ready as a Section 3 employee must complete the "Section 3: Eligibility for Preference Application." ​It is available at each Property Manager's office, or it can be printed off using the link below. NWGHA residents are automatically qualified as Section 3 residents, but would still need to complete this required form. In addition to NWGHA residents, individuals who live in Rome, Georgia and Rockmart, Georgia and whose income falls within the guidelines for low or very low income may also qualify as a Section 3 resident. After filling out the required form, interested individuals should check NWGHA job openings to obtain information about possible employment opportunities made available through the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA). 

Employment Benefits

While we offer a competitive compensation plan, these benefits are an integral part of our total compensation, and we continuously explore services that can enhance our program. NWGHA and Human Resources are committed to providing employees a work atmosphere that is safe, healthy, and secure, while establishing, administering, and effectively communicating sound policies, rules, and practices. 


NWGHA provides a quality, comprehensive and competitive benefits package for both immediate and long-term needs. Most benefits begin 90 days after your hire date. Eligible employees have access to the following benefits:

  • Medica, Dental & Vision insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Short & Long-term disability plans

  • Retirement plan, 401(A)

  • Employee Assistance program

  • YMCA membership discount

  • Employee job training

  • Paid time off


These generous benefits are reviewed regularly to maintain the quality service our employees deserve. NWGHA reserves the right to modify any and/or all components of the company's work life and benefit plans at the sole discretion of management. Changes may occur without notice. All benefits are in compliance with the plan documents and policies. 

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